Three Part BlessingEdit

Septons Blessing
The Three Part Blessing is a three part process whereby the object, location, and/or being is cleansed, purified and then blessed.

The CleansingEdit

The cleansing part of this process is to literally clean the object, location or being in question using soap. water, or spray n wipes.  By cleaning it, from grimes, dirt, and/or blood you make the object, location or being in question have a positive vibe about it.

The PurificationEdit

The purification part of the process concentrate on purifying the soul, or central energy of the object, location or being.  You do this by washing it with love and light energy, erasing all hatred and darkness within it.  By doing so it resets it to its original energy pattern if it were made of light and love.

The BlessingEdit

The blessing part of the process imbue the object, location or being with holy power, thus increasing the resistance against darkness and making it more effective against dark energy.  You do this by requesting from higher being to grant you the ability to imbue the object, location or being in question with certain power which will help you in warding against that darkness.


If you choose to do this to a person, it is considered wise and polite to ask for permission to do so, to do otherwise would be infringing upon their freewill.  The other thing that must be noted is that by purifying a person there is a high risk of you yourself getting into a dangerous situation, or at least a situation you do not wish to be placed in.  So be wary of doing this three part process on a person.