Introduction to ShapeshiftingEdit

Shapeshifting is the art of partially or fully changing your body into that of another being, whether through individual person, gender or species (natural or mythological).  Warning when you change fully you adapt an aspect of that thing which you transformed into, with time you can believe that you are that entity and forgot all about you (this is especially so with mythological creatures).

How to become a shapeshifter?Edit

Start off small, concentrate on the roots of your hair, maybe just one strand and slowly change its pigmentation through force of will, once that is mastered, go on to eye color changing.  Start off with colors, then move on to shaping partially, and when that is easy on you move on again to fully shift.

Interesting thing about this abilityEdit

With enough willpower and experience you can shift someone else either by way of a curse (vampirism, and/or weres) or the form of a gift (granting them the ability to change).