F magic portal

Introduction to PortalsEdit

Portals is in essence a magically create gateway leading from one end to another.

Types of PortalsEdit

  • Rifts
  • Energy
  • Runic Seal
  • Universal Pathways


Rifts are usually cause by a rip in space, time to occur, by sheer force of will, intent, belief and focus.  It is the most easily made, however not so easy to fix, and thus used as quick get away or an entry way without any requirement for a clean exit, usually used for raids or to declare acts of war, as rifts can be traced back to the other side easily.


Energy portals are just that, they are portal made entirely of energy, so a circular hole made of energy in the air, placed as an entry way and another one as an exit.  Its best used for short trips.  Some used it in midfighting for acrobatic fighting.

Runic SealEdit

Runic seal portals tends to be more advance, and can be program to do various things such as trapping, do damages, teleporting other non authorized user to different areas than the one the portal is heading.  Can be used the same way as an energy portal but more so complicated.

Universal PathwaysEdit

Universal pathways are firmly established routes that are made by other forces, the God Hermes use one of these to deliver messages from one entity to the next, or from one location to another.  To gain entry to universal pathways one must sense a whereabout and enter it.  Warning it is like a speedway in this place and can be hard to stay balanced.

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