Introduction to Past Life RegressionEdit

Past life regression is the act of going back to the time before your birth in this life and backtrack to the lives before this one

How to do a past life regression?Edit

I want you to close your eyes and sink back into the darkness, where you can sense nothing, feel nothing, touch nothing, hear nothing, see nothing, taste nothing, and smell nothing.

I want you to stay in that void of darkness for a while, and as you remain there to totally silence your mind.

When that is done, I want you to sit there until you see a light, I want you to follow that light, until you come to a stream of life, made of light. I want you to follow the brightest part and enter the area.

I want you to open your eyes, the mental ones when there just keep following the pathway in front of you, don't control the situation just let your mental body walk and go where it wants, keep following that path, on intervals ask what your name and where you are, that will give you a flagpost as to who you are in that timeline, and where you are. Keep following to its limit.