Introduction to Mind ScramblingEdit

Mind scrambling is the act of scrambling the memory and/or the workings of someone's mind.  By doing so, you are capable of making people feel confuse, not be able to form a logical and rational conclusion or able to operate in the normal way, such as confusing their arms for their legs.

How to scramble people's mind?Edit

Place your hand on someone's head and infuse it with energy, either explosive or electrical.  If using explosive energy, push this in to their memory section and watch the fireworks go off.  If using electrical energy just send it in all kind of direction through the brain itself.  The brain is made up of nerve endings, which is akin to many lines of electricity, pushing electricity in it will disrupt the flow and thus scramble their mind.

How to guard against this?Edit

Reinforce everything with energy to make your mind and memory strong and grounded or simply have up a mental shield that no one is allow entry.