Introduction to FamiliarsEdit

Familiars are animals chosen by practitioner of the arts to become the spiritual extension of their being.  Familiars aren't so much pets, but they can be, are more of a companion to the practitioner.  Depending on the familiar they can be used in various ways, either as a second set of eyes to scout certain area, a way for the practitioner to experience whatever their familiar feels while staying in their arm chair, as a guardian that protects the practitioner or as an assistant to the practitioner.  Familiars are usually infused with the practitioner's energy so that up to an extent they can do what the practitioner can do.

Process of acquiring a familiarEdit

  • By looking into the eye of a physical animal and say "In your eyes, I look and through your eyes I see me see you and as such you are now mine and me".
  • Summoning a spiritual animal to your side and then repeating the first step.

Ways of using a familiarEdit

  • A form of protection
  • An assistant
  • A second set of eyes for the use of scouting purposes
  • A way to experience what the familiar feels.