Ao No Exorcist AMV - Ultranumb

Ao No Exorcist AMV - Ultranumb

Welcome to the EXKnights WikiEdit

The Home of the EXKnights/Exorcism Knights. This place will be center point for all EXKnights information: Recent Happenings, Techniques, Moral and Ethics in dealing with negative entities, ghosts, demons and spirits.


EXKnights/Exorcism KnightsEdit

Welcome to the EXKnights, we are a group of people from varying locations all across the world who come together in order to exorcise/expel demons, ghosts, spirits, negative entities from a certain location, area, object or beings.

I see this as important task as we are continuously being bombarded with negative entities in this day and ages, especially due to the lower realm collapsing in on itself and becoming part of this physical realm.

Requirement to joiningEdit

In order for applicants to become members of EXKnights they must read and learn from the Practical Exorcism Course and request to join in the comment section.or by requesting to join in main chat or private messages.


The members will be listed according to their locations


Blue Exorcist!





South AfricaEdit


  • Erect nipples


Latest activityEdit

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