Introduction to AuraEdit

Aura are energy fields wrap around you, it is the embodiment of your characteristics, nature, and well being in energy form.  So if you are sick then your aura might look sickly green, if have negative vibe might have grey or blackish tinge.

Aura Color MeaningEdit

Can be found at this page.

Aura WorksEdit

Working with your own aura, by tapping into emotions you can bleed that emotion into your aura thus having an radiating effect on other people for example bleeding out a feeling of calmness in your aura could induce a feeling of calmness in other people

Things you can do with your auraEdit

  • Calming other people down
  • Protect them from harm
  • Raise morale
  • Raise courage
  • Increase sympathy or compassion
  • Increase happiness